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Stain Remover & Bleach | TREE

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Refreshes white fabric, removes stains and disinfects.


TREE Stain Remover & Bleach, 400 g

It is a natural bleach that disinfects, helps remove stains and softens the tissue. Effectively renews yellowing or graying clothes and restores their primary shine and natural brightness. Has antibacterial activity.

Free of VOCs, alcohol and colorants.

Bleaches, removes stains and disinfects even at low temperatures from 30 °C. Improves washing in hard water, softens fabrics. Gentle for colored fabrics.

Free of enzymes, surfactants or optical brighteners, phosphorus, allergens.

400 g pack.

Made in Italy.

How to use

For washing in the washing machine or by hand

For regular washing in the washing machine, it is recommended to add 2 teaspoons of stain remover to the detergent compartment together with the TREE Superconcentrate. The product will disinfect the laundry and help to remove stains. Use double dose for hard stains.


If you want to treat hard stains before washing, you can soak your laundry in warm water with 2 teaspoons of bleach remover and 20 ml of Superconcentrate.

Hard stains

Hard stains can be treated with pure stain remover. Sprinkle a little product directly on the stain, moisten with warm water, leave for 10 minutes and rinse.


Do not use bleach remover on wool, linen, silk or leather. Before using the product on dark or colored garments, first treat a small hidden part of the garment to see how the fabric reacts.

Also great for:

  • For odor removal;
  • To degrease pipes;
  • Facilitate removal of small waste from the dishwasher;
  • For cleaning and disinfection of tiles, ceramics, terracotta, marble and natural stone seams.


100 % Sodium Percarbonate.

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